Captain Energy

Introducing Captain Energy®

Captain Energy

Capt. Energy

Captain Energy is simply a super hero propelled by the dynamic force of energy. Suddenly, with General Waste  exploding onto the scene, Cap is put into a head-to-head battle against General Waste and the Waste Invaders.

Nothing to fear. Cap is not alone. He battles with an Energy Force who share his same ideals –  Fossil Man and Bear Max, Nuke Cosmos, Nutron III, Ms energy, and Molly Kule.

It’s obvious that Captain Energy has existed in one form or another since energy exploded onto the scene at the beginning of time with a Big Bang.

The Origin of Captain Energy is a story for another day and another time. Captain Energy is just a good guy verses the bad guys’ story.

Needless to say, there’s great power in energy, and there’s a lot to learn from Captain Energy and the beginning of time.

Cap has been known to get down to the basics and expound on why his Energy Force is on a mission to expand energy to infinitum.

Captain Energy in his cape mid air

This original Captain Energy body of work was designed for the 1982 World’s Fair Energy Expo in Knoxville, Tenn., for the purpose of obtaining a license for educational and commercial market products. The character concepts along with the original graphic and product prototype work was presented to the director’s committee for Merchandise Concessions License.

The characters of Captain Energy and Associates are a registered copyright of Darrell D. Wiskur. ©1982, 2007-2017.  All Rights Reserved.